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Compression Molding System For Caps

Compression Molding System For Caps

Compression Molding System for Caps

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Compression Molding System for Caps

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For producing the plastic caps, the injection molding system is the traditional way and kaipu Plastic just worked with this system in the past years while we are already seeking the better solution for our customers. cap compression molding system for plastic closures, a new alternative solution for our customers who need to produce the caps. Controlled by Siemens PLC, actions carried out by the Omron frequency convertors, YUKEN hydraulic rotary compression system & hydraulic mold open/close system, the special designed extruder with efficiency heating unit, plus our huge experience in the caps’ injection molding & concern on closures development and testing ensures extremely high level of this new product suitability. In one words, kaipu cap compression molding system can offer you an advantage within the compression in terms of lower production costs and product better quality. 

System Overview

Comparing with the plastic cap injection molding machine, the plastic cap compression molding machine works in a very different process while in a simple process in the working process. Two units in kaipu cap compression molding machine: Extrusion & plasticization unit and compression molding unit. Through the extrusion &plasticization unit, the regular melten plastic resin will be put into the cavities, the mold close to form the cap, cooling, ejecting, the whole process just finish. 

Working principle

In a short word, Smargon plastic cap compression molding machine works as simple process: A precisely measured drop of resin, cut from a continuous extruded stream, is placed into a transfer wheel. The same wheel also takes finished caps out of the main wheel.

Position 1: The transfer wheel comes to a position above on empty cavity of the main wheel and drops the plastic into it.

Position 2: The cavity lifts vertically up into the core and the actual molding takes place.

Position 3: The plastic now spreads between core and cavity, climbing up the cap side walls under relatively low pressure. It therefore leaves no sprue point, which bring a great advantage for the caps whose surface need decorating.

Position 4: The fully formed cap is now cooling.

Position 5: The cavity moves down leaving the cap on the core. The core parts will have continuous actions to separate the cap tamper brand from the bush, and separate the cap’s thread parts (the main cap body) from inner core. Finally, with the help of low pressure compressed air, the cap will separate from the core part completely.

cap compression machine process flow 

Cap compression machine prodcution


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