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New Full Automatic Cap Compression Molding Machine

New Full Automatic Cap Compression Molding Machine

New Full Automatic Cap Compression Molding Machine,Cap compression molding machines for making caps from plastic materials. The heated material are extruded from extruder, cutted by segregation plate through screw driving and shared to each cavity equably, then molded to be caps by forming system.

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Product Details

New Full Automatic Cap Compression Molding Machine

(High Pressure and High Speed)

◇Advanced hydraulic system pressurized module, which is with more advantage.

◇This machine is with matched computer control and cooling system, achieving best cooling for mould.

◇Low energy consumed, high speed, high precise and stable running, suitable for mass production of high quality cap. 

◇Full automatic computer control, easy operation.

◇Improve the production efficiency for big cap manufacturer, reduce the plant area and labor.

◇We can install inspection system according to your requirement on the machine for unqualified cap inspection and deleting.

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