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Rotary Cap Compression Moulding Machine

Rotary Cap Compression Moulding Machine

High Speed Rotary Compression Cap Machine for Making Bottle Cap

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High Speed Rotary Compression Cap Machine for Making Bottle Cap

Machine application: 

Quality of cap produced on Rotary Hydraulic Compression Machine has received wide acceptance from customers because of its quality and finish and has fetched a higher selling price then the ones produced using Injection Moulding process. The consistency in quality, fast cycle time and low cost of production have given this technology all the advantage.

The process involve continuous extrusion of plastic at the tip of extruder from where the take up unit cutter lifts the material and drops in the cavity of the mould and the Rotary movement of Mould wheel keep the production process continuous and cyclic and the revolution of the wheel is the time taken for the cap to take shape, cool and get ejected before starting the next cycle.

cap process


Rotary cap compression molding machine is for making caps from plastic materials. The heated materials are extruded from extruder, cutted by segregation plate through screw driving and shared to each cavity equably, then molded to be caps by forming system. 

cap size


The machine is controlled by PLC, including frequency control system, hydraulic system, temperature control system and cooling system. The operation system is easy and automatic with man-machine conversation. As same production capacity, its cost is much lower than produced caps form injection machine, It perfects products with this technology, since there is no gate on cap or now wastes for hot runner. 

cap mould


- Higher Productivity

- Less Energy Consumption

- High Specific Density

- Quick Color Change

- Less Moulds Maintenance Cost

- Less Waster


Why choose us:Easy operation, Full-featured design, High efficiency, Competitive price. 

High efficiency: With high-end patent skills and advanced technology. Kaipu is always devoted to explore new cost-efficient operation method for our customers.

Full-featured design: Our enterprise is specialized in the independent design to meet our global customers’ special requirements. we are now a professional mechanical company provided with the integrative and customer-centered service of design, purchase,manufacture and installation.

Easy operation: By constantly strengthening the core power of the strict and high efficient organization, we make the operation of the whole organization more elastic and efficient .

Competitive price: Kaipu continually works on development and improvement of holding the customer-centered tenets of integrity, precision, and quality first , to give you the best experience with the cooperation with us.

machine details

Through more than 20 years' rich experience of manufacturing cap machine and continuous explorations and studies, Kaipu has become a professional supplier of cap machine and cap &preform mold, which has applied in many fields like water, drinks, beverages, medical,etc. With the advantages of easy operation, beautiful design, high efficiency and competitive price,

Located in the town of mold, Kaipu owns various advanced technologies and wins many great reputation in this field. Meanwhile, we are always devoted to researching, developing, manufacturing and offering superior quality and new cost-efficient machine for our customers.

We continually work on the customer-centered tenets of integrity, precision, and quality first, to provide the best cooperation experience to you.

Kaipu's Spirit: integrity, precision,innovation, efficiency

Kaipu's Mission: Striving and pursuing the best.

If you need any more information about our factory and our machine, Please contact with me at any time for more information .


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