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PET System Solutions

PET System Solutions

All the mould quotation is air seal mould quotation, hot runner by guangzhou chengye company production. Mold cavity and core choose S - 136 or 2083, imported mirror corrosion resistant plastic die steel manufacturing, hardness can reach HRC50, long service life.

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Product Details

Leading Technology

Dongpeng mold in 1995 began to research and development and manufacturing PET preform mould, our company is specialized in the production of PET bottle embryo mould and cap mould manufacturing, so late for mechanical manufacturing good industry foundation and provide a stable and efficient PET bottle preform mould.Strict requirements and high precision of seiko to make sure the mold can lay the foundation of the long-term stable operation.Experienced & Efficient Team

Experienced team:

Dongpeng mold has a stable and experienced team of cooperation, mold team, design team, production team, as well as the electrical team and after-sale service team, team maintained a timely, efficient good communication.Each team has a strictly control engineer experience more than ten years, is the long-term stability of the preform mould production and constantly updated technology of strong backing.

Accurate & Reliable Machinery

We to the quality control is not only confined to the quality of the individual parts, during the installation process we will simulate the actual operation of machine to detect parts between the matching accuracy, further to ensure the reliability of the cape machine



Developmental Innovation & Research


As the people's demand for plastic products of quality and quantity, production is more and more high, east peng mould in precision, energy saving, high efficiency, safety, material molding, and other fields to keep constant innovation and development.

World-wide 7 x 24 Service

Since the creation of independent brands, lens mould has been more than a dozen countries around the world customers have good relations of cooperation, and continue to follow up later maintenance service work, ensure the long-term stable operation of PET bottle preform mould.

Affordable Price

Dongpeng mould always insist on reasonable price to provide clients with high quality molds, we have no intention to malicious competition to win the market price, ensuring the company's benign and sustainable development;And to provide a comprehensive service.

Your Solution & Custom-made Partner

With the continuous development of social economy, the customer in the mold, the service and so on various aspects of the specialization and personalized requirements also more and more intense, "tailored" from beginning to end is the core of our purpose, precision and control the cost for the customer provide more value-added services, reduce the investment risk of the clients.


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