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applications of the beverage bottle caps
- Oct 30, 2018 -

The development of beverage industry in China is very fast, drinks variety also gradually from the past simple carbonated drinks to mineral water, fruit juice, fruit and vegetable juice beverages and functional beverages;Filling way too well from the cold filling the hot filling, medium temperature filling and aseptic cold filling, etc;Packaging form from a single glass bottles to now also cans, PET bottles and so on.According to different products and different forms of packaging, sterilization is also key for packaging bottle caps, in this paper, the current use of a variety of beverage bottle sterilization method is discussed.


Ultraviolet radiation sterilization

Microbial after uv irradiation, its protein and nucleic acid absorbed the ultraviolet spectrum energy, will lead to protein denaturation, death caused by microorganisms.


Beverage filling equipment, lose cover machine for capping machine or screw-top bottle caps.Or conveyor belt in the upper portion of the lost machine surge bin ultraviolet germicidal lamp installed, the top of the bottle cap in the process of conveying accept ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light to place can achieve better sterilization effect.Due to the caps pervious to light quality is poor, cannot penetrate cap exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays to the other side of the cap.As a result, the cap can only achieve some sterilization, and the surface of the sterilization is random.To a targeted surface sterilization of bottle caps, in capping machine or twist the cap machine cap glide path to install uv germicidal lamp, through the bottle cap has been organized in the same direction, ultraviolet irradiation side is cap and beverage side of contact, effectively improve the sterilization effect.


Ultraviolet radiation sterilization equipment is simple, do not need to form a complete set of equipment, low cost, convenient operation and management, is widely used.Due to the structure characteristics of the slide and uv features of killing microorganisms, ultraviolet radiation sterilization ways generally fit in the following categories used in the beverage filling the cap:


1.carbonated softdrinks

Carbonated soft drinks containing CO2, acidic, can inhibit the growth of microorganisms, thus carbonated beverage bottle caps

With ultraviolet sterilization which can meet the demand.This method in the production, the batch packaging new cap into losing surge bin cover machine, bottle cap in losing machine storage bin or on the conveyor belt to accept ultraviolet irradiation sterilization;Can in turn set up on the cover under the machine cover slide ultraviolet germicidal lamp, let the inner surface of the bottle cap accept ultraviolet irradiation sterilization, sterilization after twist machine shipped directly.


2.mineral water drinks

State of mineral water production made more strict rules, including total number of colonies of mineral water, mold count and e. coli were strictly limited to zero.Whether through filtration sterilization processing of mineral water, the total number of bacteria, mould count and e. coli number must be in accordance with national standards.Due to the only mineral water containing inorganic salt, excluding microbial nutrition, lack of nutrients for microbial production development, thus can also be used ultraviolet sterilization of the lid.


3.high temperature filling tea drink, fruit juice drinks

Tea drinks and fruit drinks there are all kinds of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and yeast, etc.), beverage sterilization is to kill these organisms.The current commonly used high temperature short time sterilization method, also called instantaneous sterilization method.

High temperature filling is made after the instantaneous sterilization drink cooling a between 85 ℃ ~ 92 ℃ temperature range for filling, choose crystallization heat of hot filling bottles of beverage bottle, cap to choose 85 ℃ heat resistant cap and filling way USES the full bottle filling, after filling gland (or screw-top) increase bottle device: the bottle dumping 90 ° ~ 180 °, inside the bottle cap to make use of beverage own high temperature sterilization.So in the early period of the bottle cap can also be dealt with in an ultraviolet sterilization.


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