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Bottle Cap Application Solutions in the Food Industry
- Dec 05, 2018 -

With plastic bottles are widely used in many fields, the cap also increasingly reflect its importance, both in the beverage, dairy, or cosmetic, pharmaceutical, or other industries, increasingly highlight the status of the cap. Caps - as a small part of the package, for shaping the product to ensure product quality and critical personality, caps main function of two things: First seal, the protective effect of the contents, which is the most caps basic functions, but also the manufacturer of the most easy to do; the second is aesthetics, as an integral part of the packaging, small caps can play a finishing touch. The issue of material container area, we will focus on talking about the needs of the beverage industry with emphasis on the development of cap and bottle products in this area.

  For different beverage products, they have some common needs of the cap, such as:

  ● seal / reseal: sealed; Protective Packaging

  ● Marketing Support: ease of use, promotion, improved packaging, diversification

  ● Economic: competitive price

  ● Anti-theft function: to prevent unpacking, forgery

  ● cover: high efficiency, high productivity

  ● Safety: food grade, non-polluting

  Plastic Cap beverage packaging pushed to the front desk, since the mid-90s of last century, the Coca-Cola Company's production of PET plastic bottled drinks for foods instead of aluminum cap, thereby Plastic Cap pushed to the front of beverage packaging. Since then, the strength of the domestic beverage packaging business and the introduction of foreign equipment manufacturers have started large-scale production and application of Plastic Cap. Today, both light and easy to open plastic anti-theft caps for beverage packaging is not only convenient for consumers, but also accelerated the development of the beverage industry.