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Cap Inspection Machine
- Dec 05, 2018 -

Cap Inspection Machine

This equipment uses optical photographing principles in comparing and inspecting the surface, structure, printing and color of a variety of plastic caps. It checks by continuous, fast and online optical comparison and detection. This system is made up of a series of equipments which include the sorting, ranking, photographing, comparing, culling and packaging machine. Not only can it work with other equipments to form a complete line of production, it can also be used separately. The equipment takes advantage of the high speed processing ability of the industry microcomputer, by contrasting photos to estimate and calculate tolerance. After inspection, the defective goods will be screened out automatically and qualified products are to be counted and packed. This equipment makes it possible to dramatically increase production efficiency, save labor costs and guarantee that the hygiene requirements for plastic caps are met.


Product Features:

1.     Applicable to a wide range of industries: the beverage caps, the 5-gallon smart caps, the medicine caps, the oil combination caps, and other plastic caps.


2.     Diverse types of inspection: it inspects many kinds of physical properties of plastic caps including lack of material, oil stains, dark spots, bell-shaped mouth, color aberration, and detects existing problems after processing ,such as crooked label, loose label, printing dislocation, and so on.


3.     High production efficiency: online continuous high-speed optical inspection. For example, the standard plastic caps inspection, the single-lens Gray-scale inspection could reach a speed of 2,000 caps per min. The inspection of 5-gallon caps, a similar inspection, could also reach a speed of 500 caps / min.


4.     Highly automatic, safe and sanitary: It achieves the following functions: automatic sorting, ranking, photographing, culling, and packaging. Inspection is accurate and reliable. it can also achieve “Unattended operation" production, which helps to save a great deal of labor and meet the high sanitation requirements.


5.     Flexible installation and great adaptive capacity: It can work by itself or it can design different inspection schemes, configurations according to customer requirements and work in conjunction with other equipments.