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full automatic hydraulic plastic cap compression molding machine,capping machine
- Nov 13, 2018 -

The compression molding is already a well known technology worldwide;Many of caps for soft drinks are produced through compression.Compare with kp-16 plastic cap molding machine, kp-24hydraulic cap molding machine has the following advantages:

cap machine

1.This machine adopts the oil pump to provide the pressure,the pressure is bigger and stable,and it can provide the same pressure to every mold,so the cap made from this machine looks more beautiful and with tight structure.And also it is good for improving the mold use life.

2.Cap molding speed is faster,less difference of required quality than other factories.Moreover,this type of machine expands the product type and range of cap diameter to satisfy the individuating demands of customer.

3.From the consideration of energy and material consumptions and environmental protection,this compression molding machine is the trend of present and future.It provides a good platform for intelligent,information and control process.

4.This machine has the following advantages:High degree of automation,high efficiency,change of different molds,multiuse of one machine and so on.

5.ISO and CE certificate.

kaipu is professional machine design,develop and manufacturing.We are making plastic cap compression molding machine for 16cavities,24cavities,36cavities It includes water;beverage;dairy;liquor and condiment and so on.

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