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How to accomplish plastic cap open easily in cap compression machine production?
- Oct 30, 2018 -

As we know,sealing is the foremost function of plastic cap. However, another vital function usually ignored is opening easiness.

If need more force, it’s sure consumers would feel uncomfortable and unsatisfied. Therefore, it’s a potential issue for bottled water and beverage enterprises.  

According to bottle cap production experience,there are there universal procedures to affect the opening easiness.  


1.Plastic cap molding procedure:

There are two key parameters: inner plug diameter,and height, which not only makes a difference to plastic cap sealing, but also affect open function. In plastic bottle cap mould design,increasing inner plug diameter and height is beneficial to cap sealing, while emphasizing excessively on sealing would enhance the open difficulty.In Jeepine bottle cap compression molding machine,these two factors are considered adequately,and meet both requirements. Moreover, the unique design of plastic closure knurls, have an effect to friction between bottle cap and hand while consumers opening caps, so that it’s easy to open caps, meanwhile, and convenient to the cap capture and position of capping machine. By this method,both sealing and open function issues are solved in cap construction.

2.Plastic cap slitting machine procedure:

Plastic cap slitting is scoring between cap body and TE(tamper evident)band and then shaping like linked bridges Thereby,the bridges connect the cap body and TE together. While consumers opening caps,the bridges break irretrievably,this also play a role of thief proof. In this procedure, adjusting to the size of cap slitting points and score reasonably, plays an important role of open torque.   


Since each score is even, follow the rule of big slitting point,large score,less slitting point amount.Or on the contrary,small slitting point,little score,more slitting point amount.Besides the basic requirement of cap sealing and opening function.  

In 3025 water cap National testing standard,the open torque range is 0.6-2.2N.m. But in the actual production, the the open torque is controlled at 1.0-1.4N.m. If beyond 1.4N.m it would increase the open hardness. If less than 1.0 N.m,the Tamper Evident band would break out in filling due to less open torque.

3. Cap filling and capping procedure:

In the filling process, the bottle cap should matches with neck finishes well, screwing tightly,loose smoothly,and good sealing.According to the cap fitting and open torque and top pressure,make bottle cap capping on the filled water bottle neck finishes with setting speed. Through bottle cap and neck finishes match, fix the cap on the neck finishes, meanwhile, it can open with setting torque. In this procedure, should prevent the difficulty of tight open and close due to much torque, and sealing caused by less torque.

Tips:Bottle cap open performance, should normalize from plastic cap molding,plastic cap slitting,to filling technology and production details.

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