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Plastic Caps Mchanical Quality and Efficient
- Dec 05, 2018 -

Each manufacturer of injection molding machines in about 1000 plastic caps 4 kilowatts of power / hour, while Gai machine power required is less than 1.5 kW / h. But it can also save a lot of cooling water. In addition, due to the cavity between the aircraft independently of each other, the runner is not connected to the extruder, material utilization up to 98%; good product quality. Aircraft molding process broader range of materials can be used, such as a very low melt flow index material and low melt index high density polyethylene have better resistance to stress cracking performance and better mechanical properties of polypropylene It has better impact resistance. In addition, the heating temperature is suitably adjusted processing of plastic material, the cooling temperature can make the molded article have a better and more stable shape. The cap-free injection compression molding point (gate), therefore more beautiful, better printing; high productivity. The aircraft manufacturing caps because continuous circulation process, unlike the injection molding machine of intermittent production process. Therefore high productivity, up to 12,000 per hour. In addition, the replacement of materials and replacement of the mold are extremely convenient, can reduce the waste of working hours; investment. Compared with investment injection molding machine, the machine is relatively small investment. In high-volume production of high specifications caps, especially; the machine also has a compact, small footprint, simple operation, easy maintenance.

It is reported that Zhejiang Huangyan grand cap machinery factory is specialized in the production of plastic bottle manufacturing equipment.

The plant draws on the experience of advanced technology at home and abroad and has accumulated 20 years of bottle production equipment, in continuous exploration, innovation and development to produce a series of caps pressing equipment with advanced level at home and abroad, he has won the third Chinese Science and Technology Famous New Product Exposition. The plant has been the advanced technology and quality products, improve service to win customers for their support, to the community to continue to provide new technology and new products.

The plant produced annular cap molding machine is to absorb foreign advantages of similar products restructuring. The machine is used to cast the cap of the intima, it PVC paste resin, methyl dioctyl acid ingredient such as fat, the mixing formula, after infusion, electric dryer, and then pressing mechanical means, flexible foot, viscosity good, clean and beautiful, long seal does not leak, Jiucun not bad, low cost, material saving, high efficiency and good. The aircraft from the design of the function and work closely with the energy, distribution, drying, forming and output are automatic. Equipped with a set of energy automatic control equipment on board. Automatic row cover means, according to the required heat energy is automatically adjusted, thus ensuring the stability of product quality. The machine is simple, significant energy saving, accurate temperature measurement, has a long life, yield advantages. The machine has a high temperature material pad function, use it to produce the inner pad can be used in soy milk, honeysuckle tea oral liquid.