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How to build excellent bottle cap production line?
- Dec 12, 2018 -

How to build excellent bottle cap production line?

Bottle cap technology includes traditional Injection molding, and Compression molding(CCM) technology. With the features of convenient operation,high production efficiency and low average cost, Compression Molding is already a well-known and popular technology worldwide in plastic bottle caps production application. In the following we will mainly introduce CCM in bottle cap’s manufacturing.

The production line consists of Compression molding machine,with compression cap moulds, cap cooler, cap unscrambler, cap slitting machine,cap folding machine. Optional auxiliary also have inspection machine and cap printing machine.

Compression molding machine China, with compression cap moulds-->   cap cooler cap unscrambler    --> cap slitting machine--> cap folding machine ( PCO,CSD,38mm,etc.) --> inspection machine(optional)  --> cap printing machine(optional).

What are the features of cap compression machine?

1.Energy saving

Without hot runner, Compression moulding need lower heating temperature,which means less energy consumption in both heating and cooling.

2.Quick color changeover  

Without hot runner, we don’t need to clean chamber while color changeover of caps. This is the obvious advantages of CCM compared with IMM.

3.Less material waste  

Without hot runner material waste.

4.High specific density and less shrinkage  

Equal molding temperature, lower molding temperature allows the result of

higher density.

Furthermore, less heating and cooling temperature gap will make the less

shrinkage of caps.

5.Easy mold disassembly and changing  

Independent molds make it easier to change molds, only with hand tools but not


6.Shorter cycle time  

Cavities amount being equal, CCM have shorter cycle time,thus,higher capacity.

Due to lower extrusion temperature, caps are more quickly to be cooled down

in mould.It makes shorter cycle time, and capacity rises.