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The manufacture of air gas storage tank
- Aug 14, 2018 -


Design of compressed air storage tank The nature of the storage medium is an important factor in selecting the storage tank form and storage system. The most important characteristics of the media are: flammability, saturated vapor pressure, density, corrosive, toxicity, chemical reactivity (such as polymerization trend).

The classification and grade of flammability of storage medium can be found in the relevant fire codes. Saturated vapor pressure (airway) refers to the vapor pressure on the liquid interface of gas-liquid two-phase equilibrium, which varies with temperature, but is related to the size of the volume in a closed container at a certain temperature. For liquefied petroleum gases and liquefied natural gas, such as, is not pure, but a mixture, at this time the saturated vapor pressure and mixing ratio, can be based on Dalton's law and Raoul's law to calculate. When the stored medium is a liquid with high viscosity or high freezing point, in order to maintain its fluidity, it is necessary to heat or heat the storage equipment to maintain the convenient conveying state.

Storage of liquid density, directly affect the manufacturing process and equipment costs. The degree of toxicity of the media directly affects the level of equipment manufacturing and management and the configuration of safety accessories. Storage equipment If the liquefied gas, in addition to the above conditions should be considered, but also pay attention to the expansion of liquefied gas and compressibility. The volume of liquefied gas expands as the temperature rises, and the temperature decreases and shrinks.

If the ambient temperature changes greatly, the tank may be exploded by overpressure. Therefore, in the storage equipment use must strictly control the storage tank filling quantity. When the metal temperature of the tank is affected by the ambient temperature, the lowest design temperature can be obtained by meteorological data of the area, and the minimum monthly average minimum temperature of 10 years is measured by the Meteorological Bureau. With the decrease of the temperature of liquefied gas, the pressure in the tank will decrease greatly, and the stress level of the tank can be reduced greatly. Therefore, in order to determine the design temperature of the tank, low-temperature and low stress analysis can be carried out according to relevant regulations.

The stability of the tank should be checked to avoid instability failure when the internal pressure of the tank is lowered by temperature.

For the common gas storage tanks in chemical plants, complete the process design of the main equipment and the selection design of ancillary equipment, draw the General Assembly drawings and parts drawings, and compile the design instructions. The design of storage equipment, must first meet a variety of given process requirements, considering the nature of the storage medium, the size of the capacity, the location of the material, the consumption of steel and the conditions of construction, the form of the storage tank must be considered, and the conditions of the site should be taken into account in the design: ambient temperature, wind load, earthquake load, snow load, foundation conditions Therefore, the designer must consider the above conditions in order to determine the best design plan when designing the storage equipment. Comprehensive use of the knowledge of mechanical basic courses, the spirit of a serious and responsible attitude, the design of the tank. In the design process, the economy, practicality, safety and reliability are considered synthetically.

The design parameters are correctly referred to the industry use standards or national standards, so that the design rule-based, and take into account the structural requirements, reasonable design.


The shell of the pressure vessel is composed of the cylinder, the head, the sealing device, the opening nozzle, the bearing and the safety accessory six parts. Often, low-voltage chemical equipment general parts have standard, design can be directly selected. This design book mainly introduces the cylinder of the gas tank, the design calculation of the head, the selection of the Low-voltage general parts.

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