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the plastic cap slitter
- Dec 05, 2018 -

The plastic cap slitter

 perform slitting process of the temper-evdence (T/E) band for injection or compression closures.The machine process is from sorting->slitting->counting->packing and is fully automatically controlled.


The Features of Product :

Machine is compact and reasonable design and with continuously stable movement;

The slitted closure plastic lids which come out from slitter conform to the strength of breaking marks and the test of sealing lids;

This machine shall also perform counting process and equip automatic switching device in handling two boxes at one time.Alarm shall also be on as one of the boxes is full.

It is designed in very convenient for replacing parts and conducting the machine maintenance;

Low running cost,highly effective,hygienic and high finished product quality;

The BT-S series satisfy kinds of specification plastic lids and kinds of speed of product;

Unite the line with other closure injection or compression system,printing machines may realize the integrity plastic closure production line;

The machine sequence is controlled by PLC,inverter for the speed control and can operate fully automatically.


We can design and manufacture the products according to the customer’s needs.

Plastic caps folding and slitting machine