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The usage growth of polyethylene in beverage packaging
- Dec 14, 2018 -

The usage growth of polyethylene in beverage packaging

Packaging feild - High-density polyethylene is not only the raw material of plastic bottle cap, but also the first choice raw material for pharmaceutical packaging.

Future market analysis reports that the global plastic bottling and plastic cap market will reach a compound annual growth rate of 6.4 percent in 2027.From a sales perspective, the plastic bottling market is expected to generate $355.5 billion in revenue in 2017.By the end of 2027, sales of tablets and capsules will reach 74,418 units.The food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries will become the main end users of packaging bottles.In addition, chemicals, followed by the food and beverage industry, are expected to reach their highest compound annual growth rate by 2027.

The increasing growth of plastic materials and anti-counterfeit packaging bottles is an important factor driving the growth of the global packaging bottle market.According to the type of material, the manufacturers operating in the market mainly rely on plastic to produce the bottles, not the glass.

Sales of plastic bottles are expected to reach $2018.3 billion in 2017.Polyethylene, a plastic material used in packaging bottles and plastic caps, will retain its value and quantity in the market.In value terms, sales of bottles with more than 500ml of capacity are expected to rise by 6.6% a year between 2027.

Governments are increasingly encouraging the development of private medical markets.It will also stimulate demand for packaging plastic bottles and plastic caps in the medical sector.In addition, increased transport demand around the world has greatly increased demand for bags and containers.These factors will greatly promote the development of global packaging bottle market in 2027.By contrast, soaring adoption of bubble wrap is likely to hinder market growth.In addition, increasingly commoditized and wide-ranging reforms may raise the price of packaging bottles, which will further depress demand for packaging bottles.

In terms of value, North America will continue to be the main market for bottling plastic bottles, with the highest compound annual growth expected by the end of 2027.The pharmaceutical division will become the largest end-user of north American packaging bottles.Because of the chemical inertness and impervious characteristics, glass packaging bottles will have relatively high demand in medicine and chemical industry.In terms of value, India and China will have the highest annual compound growth rates in the asia-pacific region, excluding Japan.APEJ's packaging market is expected to reach a compound annual growth rate of 6.6% over 2027.

Polyethylene will bear witness to the huge demand for bottling manufacturers in the APEJ region.The HDPE segment in polyethylene material will reach the annual compound growth rate of 7.1% in 2027.In contrast, the market for packaged bottles in the United States and Latin America is expected to reach a relatively low level by 2027.