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24cavities Cap Compression Machine Production Line With The Auxiliary Machine.
- Nov 07, 2018 -

We provide:



Closure making machine production line Turn-key solution.

Include:cap compression molding machine(closure making machine), Cap cooler, elevator, unscrambler, slitting machine.

Others: chiller,air compressor, inspection machine, plastic cap printing machine, etc. 


Machine parts&Maintenance Service: European Cap compression moulding machine parts customized,cap compression mould parts customized as well as cap compression molding machine service.

Rotary Cap Compression Machine

Our advantages for cap machine

.Special designed screw, thermal control in eight stages

The screw of this closure making machine has been researched and designed for numerous years. Adopting Nano-ceramics heating bands, to achieve thermal control in eight stages and temperature tolerance within ±1℃. Therefore, resin realizes thorough plasticization,

homogeneous mixture, and one-step molding meets max. 99.9% use ratio,which ensures closure’s quality adequately.

We are specialized in manufacture cap compression molding machine (cap making machine ),(cap folding machine),  cap cutting machine(cap slitting machine) and  Cap TPE lining machine  etc . 

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