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24cavity Cap Compression Machine Good Price
- Nov 07, 2018 -

We are specialized in manufacture cap compression molding machine (cap making machine ),(cap folding machine),  cap cutting machine(cap slitting machine) and  Cap TPE lining machine  etc . 

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24cavity cap compression machine ,high speed ,steady working ,good price . Earn money machine

Quality of cap produced on Rotary Hydraulic Compression Machine has received wide acceptance from customers because of its quality and finish and has fetched a higher selling price then the ones produced using Injection Moulding process. The consistency in quality, fast cycle time and low cost of production have given this technology all the advantage.

The process involve continuous extrusion of plastic at the tip of extruder from where the take up unit cutter lifts the material and drops in the cavity of the mould and the Rotary movement of Mould wheel keep the production process continuous and cyclic and the revolution of the wheel is the time taken for the cap to take shape, cool and get ejected before starting the next cycle.