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Automated Capping Machines
- Nov 07, 2018 -

The capping machine can be used to secure the caps of products in diverse industries, we currently provide capping machines to companies operating in the following industries:

Food industry

Cosmetic industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Chemical industry

Contact us with the specifics of your project and we will provide you with the automated capping machine that suits your needs.

Rotary cap compression molding machine is for making caps from plastic materials. The heated materials are extruded from extruder, cutted by segregation plate through screw driving and shared to each cavity equably, then molded to be caps by forming system. 

 The machine is controlled by PLC, including frequency control system, hydraulic system, temperature control system and cooling system. The operation system is easy and automatic with man-machine conversation. As same production capacity, its cost is much lower than produced caps form injection machine, It perfects products with this technology, since there is no gate on cap or now wastes for hot runner. 

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