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Cap Compression Molding Machine.
- Dec 26, 2018 -

Cap compression molding machine. The most efficient plastic cap maker.

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cap compression machine

 We can manufacture multicavity injection mold according to your requirement or sample,especially injection cap mold and preform mold.

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Material of cap mould:

1- Cores & cavities:S136HH, or according to customers demand. Hardness:52-54

2- Sleeves:S136HH, or according to customers demand. Hardness:52-54

3- Heat treatment hardness:66-69

4- Operating life:at least 20 million shot times

5- Customer service:two years free warranty, life-long technical support service.

Advocating high quality products and efficient quality customer service is our source of development and foundation of existence.

Sincerely hope to cooperate with you.

1. Stable system, low noise and convenient operation.

2. Adjustable mold temperature and material temperature  which ensure the durability and stability of the equipment. 

3. Simple operation, saving electricity, water, raw materials and labor. 

4. 3-4 times production efficiency than the injection one.

5. No waste runner.

6. recyclable cooling water and hydraulic oil,  which greatly reduces the system cost.


Cap compression molding machines now are the necessary equipment of famous drink manufactuer .