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Cap Mould Innovative Features
- Oct 30, 2018 -

KAIPU CAP mould innovative features:

Ø Coating 

Mould specified coating by Swiss material,the coating thickness of thin steel, and strong bonding force, high hardness,lower friction and wear reducing,can effectively extend the uselife of moulds to 2-6 times.

Ø Hardening

Sweden heat treatment process.Rockwell hardness reaches 58-60HRC.Strict inspection on mould appearance, deformation degree, hardness and other performance, to gurantee compression cap mould hardening quality.

Ø Precision

International progressive processing equipment, Hardinge and Yamazaki Mazak,etc.Ensure final accuracy generally at 2-3μm,which effectively meet the requirement of compression cap's dimension tolerance. Meanwhile, it achives compression moulds exchange.


Q: How to make plastic cap with liner in production?

A: After compression moulding and plastic cap slitting machine,connecting with a Bottle cap lining machine.


Q:How to make caps with logo in plastic cap molding?

A:Logo embossing. For cap compression moulding machine, change a small mould chip of bottom mould. Or, use a plastic cap printing machine.

Q: What are the advantages of our plastic cap slitting machine?

A: Intelligent. Thermal Control during plastic cap slitting, strict anti-dust, high precision, automatic counting.

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