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Compression Cap Mould China
- Oct 31, 2018 -

Compression Cap Mould China
Application: 26mm-50mm Caps of PET/PP bottles.
Material:Sweden and Japanese Mold steel.
Mold model:Water Bottle Cap Mold, PCO28 HF cap mould, CSD cap mould,etc.

1.Blanking abnormal: some materials are discharged or lost; notch unfair
Wrong operating parameter: operating
pressure, time of blanking and blowing.
Blanking delay.
Set parameter as required.
Abrasion of scraping knife on knife rest Sharpen the knife or replace scraping knife.
Uncleanness of knife rest body Clean or replace
Wrong size of knife rest body Replace
Wrong blanking spray nozzle Replace
Wrong adjustment of scraping
Failure of magnetic valve YV33 used for
controlling blanking



2.Trouble cap molding 
Wrong rotate speed setting of metering
pump (too low)
Set parameter as required.
Wrong rotate speed setting of metering pump (too high) Set parameter as required.
Wrong high pressure flow Contact the customer service department.
Abrasion of seal ring on lower molding bar 
Contact customer
Abrasion of seal ring on connecting device 
Set parameter as required.