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Features Between Injection Molding And Compression Molding
- Jan 02, 2019 -

Features between injection molding and compression molding
Take 36cavity hot-runner, 30/25 cap production line for example
  Injection molding machine                                          Compression molding machine
1 Widely used for plastic molding                               Specail for cap molding
2 Complicated for change color--clean the screw barrel, clean hot-runner, nuzzle etc. Take long time and waste a lot of raw material                       

                                                           Easy for change color, only clean the screw barrel, save time and material
3 Product have injection point                          No injection point, perfect performance
4 High maintenance cost for machine and hot-runner mold

                                                               Less cost for machine and mold maintenance
5 Less output capacity  4-5seconds/shot                                     

23000-28000pcs/hr                                          Higher output capacity                                          

6 High cost for hot-runner mould                                         Less cost for mould