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Mould Unique Advantage
- Jan 02, 2019 -

1. Material
Adopt professional cap mold steel which has excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance and polishing of opticalactivity, good machinablility, and quench stablity. Braces with high hardness, high wear resistance of the alloy steel, not easy to burn.
2. Hardening
We choose Sweden company to process the hardening heat treatment, the rockwell hardness can reach 58-60HRC.  Strict on mold material, appearance, deformation degree, hardness and so on when process, and fully guarantee the quality of cap mold hardening.
3. Coating
Cap mould specified coating by Swiss company, the coating thickness of thin steel, strong bonding force, high hardness, low friction and wear reducing, can effectively extend the use life of the mold 2-6times.
4. Precision
All the molds processed by Foreign CNC centre, the final accuracy generally reached 2-3um, can effictively meet the requirements of size tolerance bottle, jeepine's mold, can achieve the equirements of exchange.