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Plastic Cap Compression Moulding Machine
- Nov 01, 2018 -

Cap compression molding machine is used to making the particles of plastic to the bottle caps of carbonated beverage and mineral water by high temperature plasticizing.When the plastic was out of the extruder,the Blanking plate will cutting the embryo
nd putting them into the molding chamber uniformly.The bottle cap making by this type of machine will be without Injection gateand have excellent quality and beautiful appearance.

After repeated experiments, we have successfully developed the hydraulic bottle cap compression molding machine,which is got a set of hydraulic reciprocating transmission device and making the stabilize of the mold’s hydraulic transmission,
low noise and convenient operation. In addition,this machine with a complete system of computer automatic temperature control
and rotate speed matching between extruding machine and molding machine. The mold temperature and
material temperature can be adjusted to best state, to ensure the durability and stability of the equipment.

This machine is simple operation, saving electricity, water, raw materials and labor. Compared with injection
molding machine system of traditional craft have same energy consumption, the production can be growth to
three or four times. This machine not only won't produce waste runner,

and the mold of the cooling water and hydraulic oil are recycled, thus greatly reduces the system cost.
Development to the success of the cap compression molding machine is making a breakthrough
and innovation in the molding equipment.