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Preform Mold With Hot Runner System
- Nov 10, 2018 -

We’ve been in the PET field more than 16 years and only focus on preform mold.

.We make preform mold from 2 cav. up to 72 cav. to run preform injection machine , like BORCH ,HAITIAN, TOSHIBA, Welltec, Ferromatic, Arbug  machine and so on .

 Our mold shot warranty is 4 million shot .

preform mold


 Customized Preform Design

We do custom design based on our more than 18 years experiences and knowledge in PET bottle industry. Every preform design is carefully tailored to fit its final bottle shape and specific application.


Apply Two-stage double-taper positioning technology. Each cavity is self-locked to ensure preform concentricity to avoid accumulated tolerance.

 Superior Material

Top quality material (Sweden S-136, or German 2316 stainless steel) for cavities and cores to enhance the strength and durability. Equally super material for the remaining parts of the molds as well as the base plates, bushings and guides.

 High Interchangeable Parts

All mold parts are processed by CNC machines. All cavities, cores, split neck inserts are properly heat treated and are interchangeable within same mold.

 Hot Runner

Valve gated hot runner system is a proven winner for PET preform production. PID control makes cavities/nozzles with stable temperature and therefore yields excellent preforms.


Simplicity and Affordability

Simple does not mean lower quality and less function. Simplicity stands for less invest with high yielding. Fewer parts bring less maintenance, easy operation and lower price;


Possibility to make preforms with a few grams weight difference or neck finishing design change by simply replacing a few counterparts. This can be clearly viewed through the mold parts photo. The replacement core comes with flange which translates easy installation without affect the precision of the original mold.

preform mold details


Mold measurements on the table are based on the preform length 85mm, weight 16 gram, 30/25 neck finish. It is for reference only. 

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